The Slave Pimp: Legend of Billy Mac

The Slave Pimp: Legend of Billy Mac

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Through the centuries, there have been many perilous tales of courage and bravery displayed by slaves—the slaves who were taken from their homes and lives in Africa, and forced to work against their will in the Americas. From Nat Turner and Harriet Tubman to Toussaint Louverture, they were brave souls who sacrificed their lives and freedom for the greater good, for the salvation of their people. 

This story, however, is slightly different. It’s a tale of an unlikely hero, a man with a powerful backhand and a silver tongue. He has influence over all women in a 500-mile radius. A slave that knew how to walk the line between slave and man. He set out to gain freedom for himself, but ended up becoming one of the most prolific revolutionaries of the mid-1800s. 

Was he an abolitionist who set out to change the world? That’s a tricky question that one could argue. But the fact remains that he freed tens of thousands of slaves, and did so using only his natural gift of gab and his tremendously strong backhand. The most profound story of unexpected heroism lies within the pages of this book.