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Rhyming Words is an application, a voice application, to be precise. It was developed to help people aspiring to be musicians, especially rappers, to be creative in freestyle. Greatest hits stem from freestyle, which depends on your creativity and brain functions. Hence, you can improve your creativity and brain functions by using this voice app called Rhyming Words. How To Use Alexa For Rhyming Words Application Rhyming Words was developed to be user-friendly. It works with a virtual assistant technology called Amazon Alexa (often known as Alexa). Hence, you can control your Rhyming Words by using Alexa, which serves as a voice-controlled personal assistant. How To Open Your Rhyming Words With Alexa You will need to enable the skill on Alexa before you can use it to control the opening of your Rhyming Words application. Once you have done this, you can then open your Rhyming Words app by saying

 "Alexa, open Rhyming Words."