Go For Beginners : A Genius Guide to Go Programing

Go For Beginners : A Genius Guide to Go Programing

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Quickly Learn the Language Designed For the Cloud!


 Are you looking to uplevel your computer skills with a modern language?

Do you want a language that’s easy to learn yet results in excellent performance?

Wouldn’t it be great to take care of little coding tasks, especially if you’re writing them in multiple languages right now?

Whether you’re an experienced coder or an extreme newbie, Go is the language for you.

Also known as Golang, it was developed by Google engineers tired of waiting for their programs in other languages to execute.

In this book, you’ll discover the basics to get started coding in Go.

You’ll learn not only about the usual constants, variables, identifiers and structs…

...But also about channels, used as communication pipelines, and the ability to test and benchmark easily, by importing a simple package.

Learning how to program, or program in a new language, doesn’t have to be a time suck.

Discover what you need to know so you can get Go-ing.


Why wait to get started on your newest skill? Click here to buy the book and find out why so many programmers now prefer Golang!