Flutter For Beginners: A Genius Guide to Flutter App Development

Flutter For Beginners: A Genius Guide to Flutter App Development

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Edward Thornton’s Flutter for Beginners is what you really need to excel in the learning of this Framework.


This power-packed book shows you how to write code from scratch that can be reusable in other apps. It slowly introduces you to new flutter framework keywords and as you practice writing each code, you get better at it.


Come to think of it, are you facing one or more of these conditions?
  • Are you interested in learning flutter, but you don’t know how and where to begin?
  • Or you have been trying to get a hang on google flutter and unfortunately, you hit the brick wall.
  • Maybe, you’ve downloaded multiple videos from youtube that discuss the concept of flutter, but couldn’t pull through in learning it.
Well, there’s hope! Don’t get yourself unnecessarily worked up! These and many other scenarios alike are what many flutter enthusiasts face in their quest to learn it.


Beginning from preparing your development environment to learning how to design the UI. You'll explore the navigator widget to manage app routes, learn to add transitions between screens, and incorporate user input functions. The book will be your guide for developing your own app.


Apart from the wonderful experiences you’ll get from the book, it is filled to the brim with interesting facts, useful, and simple examples to follow. It’s friendly and suitable for beginners.


I am sure by the time you complete the entire book, you’d have gained thorough knowledge and ample experience of the most important areas of developing both iOS and Android apps using flutter.


Are you interested in learning Flutter? Go for Edward Thornton’s Flutter for Beginners!