Top 5 Things to Do While In Quarantine

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We are in Turbulent times , The country is upside down, we cant leave the house at all , but don't worry Street Genius Is here to help. We bring to you "The Top 5 things to Do In Quarantine"



#1. Call Friends and family- In these trying times now more than ever is a time to take a second to catch up with old friends. Video Chat, Skype , or maybe even just use the phone and call someone directly. Use this free time to reconnect with lost friends and family 
#2. Take up a hobby- Lets face it "You Suck" you cant dance, your basketball skills are bad to say the least not to mention you never even picked up that violin you purchased at the music store. Now would be a good time to go look up some youtube videos, or order a book to learn how to play the violin or learn a new foreign language 

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#3. Watch a Good Movie/T.V Series- Lets face it you haven't had time to watch the things you want. Either your busy with the kids or busy with work. What a better time than ever to catch up on some of your favorite movies and television shows.
#4. Play Games with you Family- Jeopady, Monolpy , Uno you name it, now is a great time to play fun games with the people your are quarantined with. Both Electronic and Board games are great for bonding with family. Pull out that wii , because both Electronic and Board games are great for bonding with family
#5. Listen to an audio book-Audiobooks have surged in popularity in recent years and the most popular marketplace for them is Audible, a company owned by Amazon. Listen to master story tellers bring words to life as you drive or clean your house. Now enrich your mind instead of filling it with non sense . Audible sells thousands of audiobooks and is available as an app on phones, tablets and desktops 

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