Top 3 Resources to Learn Go Programing from Scratch in 2021

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Top 3 resources to learn Go from scratch in 2021

This is a list of Top 3 resources you can use to start learning Go from scratch.

How Go is trending in 2021

Golang is reportedly one of the fastest growing and most loved programming languages in the past years. The recent StackOverflow Developer Survey showed how Go is ranking as one of the most wanted and loved programming languages right now, ranking as 3rd and 5th respectively for the 2018 report. Yet another research showed how Go is being a popular programming language right now, is the Hackerrank Developer Skills Report, where Go ranks as the first language developers are eager to learn next.

Trending programming languages report by Hackerrank

1. The Go Tour website

One of the best places to start is the official Go Tour website: This is an interactive tutorial which you can use to learn Go by running your own code snippets on the website itself. The tour is divided into a set of modules each explaining a different concept with a couple of exercises at the end of each module. The interesting thing is that the tour is available offline just by running go tool tour in your command line if you have already installed Go locally.


2. The Go Tour website

If you visit today you'll see our new look. ... The Playground allows anyone with a web browser to write Go code that we immediately compile, link, and run on our servers. There are a few example programs to get you started (see the "Examples" drop-down)


3. Go For Beginners: A Genius Guide To Go Programing 

Are you looking to uplevel your computer skills with a modern language?

Do you want a language that’s easy to learn yet results in excellent performance?

Wouldn’t it be great to take care of little coding tasks, especially if you’re writing them in multiple languages right now?


In this book, you’ll discover the basics to get started coding in Go.

You’ll learn not only about the usual constants, variables, identifiers and structs…

...But also about channels, used as communication pipelines, and the ability to test and benchmark easily, by importing a simple package.

Learning how to program, or program in a new language, doesn’t have to be a time suck.

Discover what you need to know so you can get Go-ing.

 Why wait to get started on your newest skill? Click here to buy the book and find out why so many programmers no prefer Golang!


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